Thursday, 15 September 2011

Family Registration Certificates

Family Registration Certificates are documents issued to nationals of Pakistan highlighting the family tree structure of the applicant.
FRC Application Process

Detailed Application Procedure

• Data Acquisition at Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)
o Issuance of Token
o Photo Capturing
o Thumb and Signatures
o Data Acquisition by DEO
• Verification from NADRA Data Warehouse
• Printing of FRC Form at DAU
• Delivery to Applicant
Documentation Requirements

Following are the documentation requirements for FRC :
• CNIC numbers of all family members
• CRC numbers of all family members

• For further details please refer to the checklist in related downloads or call us on our UAN 111-786-100.


• Family Certificate by Birth (Parents & Siblings)
• Family Certificate by Marriage (Wife & Children)
Delivery Time

• Real Time
Fee Structure

Type Normal (Rs.)
FRC 500
For more details on fee changes click here


  1. Computer section of Kharian Tehsil Office demand Family Card for Intiqal e Warasat. My father died in 2000 and we are 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Our mother is alive. One sister is in Behrain. Can your office provide the required document and what will be the requirements of your Office? Please must response in detail. Ijaz Ahmad Shahid s/o Raja Amanat Ali CNIC # 34202-6697210-7

  2. My all family member's clear document only my big brother out of country no CINC other member clear document pls reply me

  3. What is CRC number of family members?